About Rudhäll

Rudhäll Group is a global manufacturer of components and systems for demanding industrial customers.
The business is organized in specialized units that offer cost-effective solutions for our customers. With a global presence, we offer unique benefits to customers around the world.
Rudhäll Group has since the start in 1952 created a stable foundation for rapid growth with good profitability.
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Rudhäll Industri ABIn Gnosjö is our headoffice and the base for the business group.
This is the office for management functions, purchasing organization, quality department and warehouse. The company is in the same place as where it started in 1952.

Hallborn Metall Gnosjö
Our production unit in Gnosjö is located in the middle of Gnosjö´s manufacturing center. The company dates back to the 40's and today contains efficient production in cutting machining with composite products as its specialty.

Ejvo Mekaniska Verkstad Värnamo
In Värnamo, our production unit is specialized in the truck and automotive industry. Here we have an automated facility that complies with the high standards of quality and rationality that our customers make.

Rudhäll China QLC
Our sales and purchasing company for the Asian market is located in Ningbo. Through Rudhäll China QLC we can guarantee quality, time to market and expand our product range.
We can also supply customers with deliveries directly to our customers' units in e.g. the Asian market.



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